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Macarons and donuts (by Carolina Tyran) on flickr

want this.. *drooling*


Sausage Rolls with Rosemary & Golden Onion | The Sugar Hit


strawberry! x | x | x | x | x |x | x | x | x

I drew it yesterday but haven’t chance to take it’s pic & post.
My expression lately… Many of my friends have same expression too… Actually these weeks I’ve been surrounded by exhausted & bad temper faces in office… Because of the tasks & rules company… Would love to find another place to work…

#planner #draw #doodle #drawing #doodling #planneraddicts #stationery

Supreme Pizza via SnapDishi on (Beef)


No-Bake Berry Cheesecake Verrines | The Kitchn

shrimp wonton, baby (by osmosismitosis)


untitled by cinnamonkite on Flickr.


Shooting Star, Come So Far | via Tumblr on We Heart It.



苺エクレア by izmi05

Hello! ♥ My name is Dewi, you can call me Dee or just D. ^^ I ♥ Cute Stuff! I ♥ Cute Stationeries! I ♥ Bear! I ♥ Rilakkuma! Thank you so much for following me here or in my instagram! ♥ Have a great day! \( ⪭ ⩊ ⪬ )/~♥ Ps. This is originally jdsketch.tumblr.com, but I changed it's name become deesketch.tumblr.com, and now it's become anastasiadewi12.tumblr.com like My Instagram account : anastasiadewi12, find & follow me there! ^^ My Pinterest : http://www.pinterest.com/anastasiadewi12/

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